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IVE Product No. 102

IAQ and HVAC Workbook - 4th Ed
by D. Jeff Burton

Updated in February, 2017, the IAQ and HVAC Workbook is written in simple, understandable terms. Twenty one chapters cover:

  • An overview of IAQ issues; risk assessment and management
  • Investigation techniques, air testing
  • Management of IAQ; emission and exposure control strategies; design of dedicated smoking areas
  • Indoor Air Contaminants: microorganisms, mold, aerosols, reactive chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, radon, ETS
  • How building air handling systems work
  • Air behavior and principles of ventilation
  • Fans, air intakes, filtration, and HVAC ductwork
  • Testing, commissioning, and troubleshooting HVAC systems
  • How to read plans and specifications
  • Application of the latest versions of AIHA Guideline 2 and the ASHRAE 62 standards
  • How to handle non-standard conditions

This reader-friendly workbook provides 7 charts, 9 forms, 28 checklists, references, a glossary, and an index. A home study course based on the workbook is available from IVE. See Self Directed Study Courses.

Book is now published by AIHA, about 350 pages; spiral bound to lay flat; 2017. Order from AIHA. See www.aiha.org or call 703-849-8888.>


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