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IVE Product No. 109

Industrial Hygiene Workbook for Safety Professionals
by D. Jeff Burton

Contains all the facts about the occupational health sciences in 25 sections. Contents include history, math and statistics, chemistry, physiology and anatomy, toxicology, occupational medicine, laws, codes, standards, air sampling, methods of control, ventilation, respiratory protection, PPE, IAQ, air pollution, ergonomics, heat and cold stress, noise, radiation, and others. Each chapter provides a short overview of the topic, a list of facts and concepts to know, calculation procedures, examples, and multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge. To make learning and memorizing easy, the text is arranged in a two-column format (key words on the left, what you need to know on the right).

ISBN 1-883992-24-9. 2007; 250 pages; spiral bound to lay flat; $79. Also available from ASSE.


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