#111 - Fundamentals of Industrial Ventilation


Updated 2015. New: lecture PPt introductions for each chapter! All facets of industrial ventilation. Course takes about 40-50 hours to complete. Fully-supplemented course includes IV Workbook, Student Lesson Manual, eight lessons, lesson practice tests, Spreadsheet programs which solve equations and perform duct design, Powerpoint presentations with voice-over lectures to introduce each chapter, plus exams and other materials.

How it Works:

Very much like a "flipped class," students view the Chapter PPt Lecture and then read each chapter, as designated in the eight lessons provided. Then students complete the Workbook Exercises and take a practice "Lesson Test." After completing all eight lessons, students take and self-grade a Final Exam. Study may be done by individuals, or working with others in a "study group." (Group study details available by contacting Jeff Burton.) This approximates and is the next best thing to a Burton classroom course.

Who should enroll:

Industrial hygienists, engineers, safety professionals, architects. If you have a specific interest in Semiconductor Industry Exhaust Ventlation, please note that on the Order Form.

Course Materials:

Industrial Ventilation Workbook, latest edition, hard copy; Student Lesson Manual; AutoCalc Spreadsheet Programs which solve equations and conduct duct design procedures covered in the Workbook; CD with all course materials plus Spreadsheet Programs and PPt lectures.


2015 updated version - $295 (was originally $395 !)


Use IVE ORDER FORM or contact Jeff Burton for Enrollment Information.

Certification Maintenance Points (CM, Original CEU):

Yes. ABIH No. 11-1784: 6.68 CM points (Or more; check with us for latest details.)

IVE Product No. 111


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