Practical Applications of Useful Equations by D. Jeff Burton

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Next course offered:OCt 2013, at Salt Lake City, Utah (To be taught by Jeff using his Useful Equation Workbook)
Length:2 days.
Materials:Each student receives
  1. a copy of the latest version of Useful Equations: Practical Applications of OH&S Math,
  2. spreadsheet programs which perform common OH&S calculations, and
  3. handout materials.
AutoCalc:The spreadsheet programs cover all equations in the workbook, e.g., calculate duct data, estimate OA and dilution air volumes, calculate purge and buildup rates, estimate amounts of outdoor air volumes from temperatures and CO2 decay, and much more. See description here.
Contents:The course follows the Useful Equations Workbook which includes calculation and estimation approaches related to dilution ventilation, HVAC and IAQ, airborne contaminants, TLV and TWA, OA for dilution, fans, system testing, sound and noise, ergonomics, other ventilation topics, and so forth.
Who should attend:Industrial hygienists, safety professionals, engineers, compliance officers, and anyone preparing to take a certification exam.
Lab:The course includes a calculations lab with participants working in teams.
  1. Understand the basic fundamentals and estimation techniques and calculations related to dilution ventlation, HVAC and IAQ.
  2. Understand terms and units used in OH&S-related estimations and formulas.
  3. Understand and apply formulas related to OH&S estimations and calculations.
  4. Use dimensional analysis to generate formulas and mathematical relationships.
  5. Use AutoCalc calculator to perform calculations.
  6. Prepare for certification exams.
  7. Speak knowledgeably with others regarding OH&S estimations and calculations.

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